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Stanton Studios has expanded from our well-known brand, Stanton Glass Studio, to include our artwork and craftsmanship in woodworking and metalworking. Stanton Studios is a family-owned and operated business located in the beautiful countryside outside of Waco, Texas. The company was founded in 1979 by Bryant Stanton, and Stanton Studios’s expert artisans have come to be nationally-respected in stained glass, woodworking, and metalworking. Bryant Stanton works alongside his four sons to create beautiful and original works of art for private residences, public, corporate, and church settings throughout the United States. As true artists, the craftsmen of Stanton Studios will design, create, and install custom orders in cabinetry, stained glass windows, metal sculptures, door entries, and domes. See the About Us page for more information about the Stanton family and the company’s history.

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  • "Stanton Glass brought to life the spirit of our new science building by incorporating the art work that helps to set apart this [sic] buildings from others. One of my greatest rewards since the opening of the building has been comments from students that the art work helps to make them feel special."

    Johnette McKown, Ed.D., PresidentMcLennan Community College
  • "We commissioned our first stained glass windows from Stanton Glass when we were building our home 14 years ago. These two matching 5′X4′ windows are as beautiful today as they were back then. Recently, we purchased another stained glass window from Stanton Glass that is now adorning our dining room. We chose to return to Stanton Glass because of their artistry and craftsmanship. We would recommend Stanton Glass to anyone."

    David and Judy GuyerHomeowners
  • "Southern Cross II is magnificent! Our visitors have described it as spectacular, stunning, amazing and breathtaking. It is a wonderful addition to our new building."

    Jim Vaughan, President and CEOGreater Waco Chamber of Commerce
  • "I was impressed by the classic beauty of the sketches, but to see the windows installed with the sun streaming in through brilliant color and exquisite textures took my breath away."

    Janet Hurta, Design CoordinatorTrinity Lutheran Church
  • "We are delighted with the beautiful window and I was especially impressed that the window fit perfectly. The frame slid in with no margin of error and looks like it was made for the opening. The design and craftsmanship are exceptional and this is an heirloom piece we will pass to our children. You can sit at our table and 'hear' the water."

    Ronnie and Roxy SherwoodHomeowners
  • "Bryant is not just an incredible craftsman with leaded glass; he has a designer’s eye and imagination.  From the smallest Christmas ornament to the multistory DNA double helix structure in the McLennan College Science building (in Waco, TX), he fashions glass to absorb as well as reflect light.  The Geometry of Growth sculpture in the same building shows how the various disciplines of science emanate from the same beginning."

    K. Paul HoltPresident/ CEO/ Centex AGC
  • "We feel fortunate to benefit from the entire 'Stanton experience.'  It was fun, educational and rewarding to see the shop and all the glasswork in addition to seeing the artistic woodwork and finishes.  We also appreciate being kept apprised of work’s progress.  Every aspect was professional."

    Richard and Helen Ann ShanleyHomeowner

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