The Light of Your Life: Stanton Studios Light Fixtures

Stanton Studios is renown for it’s works in glass, metal, and woodworking, but most fail to realize that when those mediums are combined, Stanton Studios is capable of creating some very unique pieces! One of our favorite ways to combine our skills is by creating lighting fixtures of different sorts. Check out some of our favorite lighting pieces and the stories behind them!

Stanton Studios has been creating art pieces that interact with light for many years. In the past, we’ve created new custom lights for residences, businesses, hotels, and churches. Owner and designer, Bryant Stanton, designs these beautiful fixtures and if necessary, Jordan Stanton, our master metalworker, welds the metal frame while the rest of the bench craftsmen create the stained glass inserts that are present inside of the piece. Stanton Studios also creates pieces that are backlit by LED lights, such as domes, illuminated ceilings, and stained glass pieces. Not only does Stanton Studios create new lighting pieces, we also refurbish and restore light fixtures! The medium of glass art is heavily dependent on light, so it is always a pleasure and fun experience for our shop to be able to create works that allows us to bend light and experiment with it’s relationship with the glass.

The custom-designed Driskill Dome by Stanton Glass Studios.

In the past, we’ve made giant back-lit domes, pieced together brightly colored tiffany lampshades, and have designed and created sconces and hanging light fixtures for residences, restaurants, businesses, and hotels. Some of our favorite projects to work on have been the back-lit Driskill hotel dome, the sconce that is present outside of the iconic green door in downtown Waco, and one of the lighting fixtures we designed and fabricated for Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse.

The large, bright dome can be found as the focal point of the Driskill hotel lobby and was one of our favorite large pieces to design and build. The dome is backlit and took several months to complete. However, the long process was worth it when the finished product was revealed. We loved the massive nature of the piece, the colors of the glass, and the great design!

The wall sconce was created as a side piece for the iconic green door in downtown Waco. The face was sculpted and shaped in a mold by Bryant Stanton, our owner and designer, and then was covered in glass and heated in our kiln. It was designed to be a screaming, whimsical face. The lit face now hangs outside of the 714 Lofts in downtown Waco, staring at anyone who would dare enter the green door that was made by our wood shop.

Stanton Studios fabricated several lighting pieces for Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse, including wall sconces, a number of different hanging lighting fixtures, as well as a backlit stained glass piece. However, our favorite piece was a hanging glass star light fixture that was suspended from a backlit stained glass design in the ceiling. Bryant designed both the illuminated ceiling and the hanging star light fixture, and the amazing craftsmen downstairs made it come to life. The large project was a centerpiece for the beautiful restaurant and helped to create an atmosphere of sophistication and beauty!

Our Most Recent Project:

Recently, we completed restoring and refurbishing urns for Baylor University’s Waco Hall. Waco Hall was built in the late 1920’s and was dedicated May 27, 1930. The hall was designed as a multipurpose event center, complete with stage, orchestra pit, seating, balcony, and box office. Though it was originally built for graduation ceremonies, it is now used for a variety of university and community events. Students pass through the doors of Waco Hall daily to attend Chapel, and alumni and parents alike know the building as a centerpiece of the Baylor campus.

Stanton Studios had the pleasure of restoring the two urns that are placed on the sides of the front entry of Waco Hall. The urns have been a part of the architecture of the building since it’s inception, and they have weathered the outdoors for years. The beautiful urns were worn down and battered and had faced many storms, but Stanton Studios succeeded in restoring them to their former glory and even added something new! Now the urns contain a lit white globe of light that will act as a means of illuminating the stairs that lead up to the hall.

Stanton Studios was honored to work on such a great project and we were happy to work on a piece for a school that means so much to the shop and that has so much history! Now the urns stand beside the doors once more, as good as new, and with a globe of light!

Mr. Stanton said, “After being in place for almost 90 years, the urns flanking the stairs at Waco Hall needed to be restored. Rust had almost destroyed the urns. Now they are back in place with a new twist. Baylor asked that we design a lighting system for the urns in order to illuminate the stairs. We added the custom-made white 27” globes to the iconic urns and LED lighting.”


Stanton Studios has many years of experience designing and creating lit works for many different atmospheres and buildings and our designer, Bryant Stanton, is a master of creating works that suits the client as well as the architecture. Interested in getting a custom light fixture for your home or business? Click here to check out our lighting portfolio and give us a call at (800) 619-4882 or email to get in touch with us! We’d be happy to hear from you!

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  • David Hudgins

    The job at Baylor looks great, to save a part of history is so important and then to give it another function as lights for the stairs without taking away the history of the item. Outstanding job.

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