Experiencing the Stanton Family Business

Creating an environment where each member of a business feels like a valued friend and dearest asset rather than merely a co-worker is a difficult feat, but not for Stanton Studios. Find out exactly what makes Stanton Studios so very special to the people who are part of it through my point of view!

  1. Birthday Cake for your Birthday

One of the best things about working for and with the Stanton Family is that they are so involved and supportive of important events in their worker’s lives! Whether it be graduations, weddings, or a birthday, the Stanton family and the entire Stanton Studios shop shares in the joy!

For instance, one of the Stanton Studios traditions is that we have a cake and a party for every single employee that works for us on their birthday! Oftentimes, Mrs. Stanton, the book-keeper and wife to owner, Bryant Stanton, will make one of her delicious homemade cakes and the birthday boy or girl is serenaded with the Happy Birthday Song.

Each person and their lives are valued and important to the Stanton family business!

  1. Barbecues for Lunch

Another great thing about working for Stanton Studios is their readiness to reward hard work. After a particularly trying or difficult week, the manager, Jordan Stanton, works with his parents and siblings to organize a barbecue during lunch! Mrs. Stanton goes to the store and buys all the ingredients and Samuel Stanton grills steaks, chicken, or hamburgers. It’s a welcome reward to get a good homemade meal for lunch and all of the craftsmen join together to eat a free meal!

  1. Basketball after work

Stanton Studios also welcomes everyone to participate in various sports activities or video games after the work day has ended. Everyone in the shop is such a tight knit group and they’re all such great friends. Being able to work with the people that you can have fun with is a rare and welcome gift! Each member of the Stanton Studios shop brings their own unique personality and skills to the table, and when those things are taken into account, it’s easy for a friendship to blossom between the craftsmen.

Oftentimes they can be seen playing basketball or football after work, just outside of the shop, with their work shirts and polos still on!

  1. Fantasy Football League for the Shop

Nothing is better than a little friendly competition, and for the Stanton Studios craftsmen, nothing could be more true. The boys in the shop are constantly competing with each other and themselves to become better in their craft! The competitive nature creates an excellent learning environment among the workers. The bench craftsmen are always striving to be better, faster, and more efficient in every area of Stanton Studios.

In honor of their competitive spirit, the Stanton Studios team has a Fantasy Football League for the shop every year and can oftentimes be heard talking about their team’s progress as well as their own personal progress in their windows.

  1. Excessive quotes from the TV show “The Office”, Will Ferrell movies, and 90’s pop music.

One of the greatest things about being a part of the Stanton Studios family workforce is the light-hearted atmosphere in the shop. The manager and craftsmen can always be found joking, quoting dumb movies, or singing Britney Spears songs from the 90’s. Books, movies, and songs are oftentimes referenced and finding similar likes and dislikes creates a friendly and warm atmosphere where everyone feels included!


After being a member of the Stanton Studios family workforce for almost two years, I have seen projects change, people change, and circumstances change, but the Stanton family business has never shifted in their values and the way they treat their workers! It’s truly amazing to get to know the beautiful personalities behind the gorgeous pieces that are produced in the shop!

To know more about the Stanton family, feel free to give Stanton Studios a call at (800) 619-4882 or email info@stantonglass.com!