Blow Your Own Ornament At Stanton Studios!

We’re having our annual Blow Your Own Ornament events here at Stanton Studios! This is our fifth annual ornament event and we are so happy to share these events with the public! Make an appointment to stop by and see us!

Our Blow Your Own Ornament events will be held every Friday and Saturday from 8AM-6PM, starting on November 15th and continuing on through December 21nd. The ornaments are $40 each and take about 10 minutes to make! We have over 50 different colored frits (glass) to choose from, and several different designs that can be used for each ornament! Up to three colors can be used per ornament, and our master glassblower, Jordan, will create the design with the colors that you choose.

The events will also include a nice coffee and hot chocolate area with snacks for the cold weather, a photo opportunity, and lots of Christmas decorations, music, and cheer! So bring by your friends and family and start your own Christmas tradition at Stanton Studios! All ages can participate in the events, and the actual “blowing” of the ornament is fairly simple. Blowing the molten glass into an orb for an ornament is very similar to blowing up a balloon. Jordan will handle the shaping of the ornament and the addition of the colors, so the participant can focus on blowing their ornament. The size of the ornament depends on how hard the participant blows, and we oftentimes have friendly competitions between groups! The events really are a blast, and you get to keep the beautiful ornament that you create as a souvenir of the great experience!


Interested in knowing more about the process of making an ornament? Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Our kiln, which is a furnace that heats the glass, will be heated to 2000 degrees approximately 24 hours prior to the events.
  2. Using a blowpipe, Jordan will gather some molten glass on the end of his blowpipe and then marver – or shape – the molten glass into a cylinder.
  3. Jordan will then add the flecks of color that you choose and place the glass into a furnace to heat up the colors. He will then blow into the end of the blowpipe, filling the molten glass with an air bubble.
  4. After this, he heats the glass in the furnace once again before placing a hose on the end of the blowpipe for the participant to use to blow their ornament.
  5. Then, it’s the participant’s turn to blow! After attaching a hose to the end of the blowpipe, the participant will blow air into the hose and watch as the glass expands like a balloon being inflated! During this time, Jordan will shape the ornament into the correct shape.
  6. He will then make final adjustments. While his assistant, Tim, cuts a jack line and breaks the glass off the blowpipe, Jordan will go to the kiln and get more glass on another blowpipe and attach the bit of molten glass to the top of the ornament to make a hook using a torch and tweezers. The ornament will then be housed in the annealer for 6 hours so the glass can cool down slowly and avoid cracking.

Stop by our studio to experience these great events! To make an appointment to come out and visit us, call us at (800) 619-4882 or email for more information!

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