Behind the Scenes: A Day Inside the Shop

Have you ever wondered how the bench craftsmen spend their days in the shop? Take a sneak peak through my eyes and check out how the stained glass pieces are built and witness the processes that the artisans follow throughout their average workdays!

The stained glass windows being built by Tim and Aaron in the video are pieces of the gorgeous window for the St. Louis Catholic School here in Waco, Texas! The window has since been completed and installed, and can now be seen in the front foyer of the school over the entryway! Click here to see a time lapse of the installation! The finished product is truly breathtaking!

The piece that Samuel is working on in the video is the iconic Tiffany window called Peace Angel. The window is 8 layers thick in some places and there are more than 10 different kinds of lead being used. Samuel has bravely taken apart the window and has done a fantastic job of figuring out how to piece it back together! Stay tuned to see the finished project back in place!

Watching a master artisan create a work of art is fascinating and unique! Want to see more of the way things work behind the scenes? Stay tuned to our blog for an outside approach to how things are made in our shop and get a glimpse of the atmosphere in a close knit family business!