Welcome to the Newest Member of Our Team!

Stanton Studios has been abuzz with great projects and we have happily accepted more hands to help us out! We were fortunate to come across Alexandra Johns, who has a great story and is a wonderful asset. Tune in to hear how Allie came to work for us and what she is currently working on in the shop!


Alexandra Johns, otherwise known as Allie, began working for Stanton Studios about 2 weeks ago and has an associates degree in Drafting and is currently getting a bachelors degree in Design Management from the University of North Texas. Though Allie anticipates going to grad school and being an architect some day, right now, she is having the time of her life learning something she is fascinated with and enjoys.

Allie says, “I really like it a lot and I’ve always wanted to make things. Since I have a background in design and metal, this is fun for me.”

Allie began working here through her connection with her father, George Johns, who works with a metalsmith company in town that we oftentimes partner with. Since Allie has a background in metalworking and she has seen our works through her father, Allie admitted “I had really been wanting to learn how to do this (stained glass making) for a while.” And we couldn’t be happier that she is now a member of the Stanton Studios team!


Allie is a bench technician and her position in the shop is as an assistant to Samuel, who is in charge of the restorations. Allie has learned how to clean the edges of the glass and take off the remains of solder and copper foil, as well as re-copper foil the pieces once they have been cleaned. Allie says, “Right now I’m still in training and learning and observing. But, I do help take apart, organize and clean glass pieces for restoration. I’m really excited to be helping out with the restorations.”

Currently, Allie is observing and carefully assisting Samuel with the Louis Comfort Tiffany window. She explained, “I am in the process of cleaning the glass so that we can begin copper foiling and then soldering pieces together.” Allie is excited and honored to work on such a historic masterpiece and admitted that she has started to have a different perspective of stained glass art due to her newfound knowledge in the subject. When asked about working on the Tiffany window, Allie said, “It is more work than I thought and now I definitely have a better appreciation for Tiffany art. There’s so many little pieces and layers and I had no idea it was all so intricate.”

Though Allie has learned so much already, she is determined to learn more of the steps involved with making stained glass art. Allie explained, “I’m interested in learning the whole process and I want to be able to build something from start to finish. I want to learn it all.” Allie commented that she’s most excited to try soldering in the process of building the windows, but she’s especially interested in getting involved in the painting and designing process.

Allie has experience in soldering in the medium of metal, so seeing how her knowledge of metal compares to glass is very interesting. She has also previously worked as an architectural drafter and also did a few art commissions for sketching. Because of this, Allie really wants to focus on the design aspects involved with stained glass making and apply her skills that she has learned working with metal to the medium of glass.

When asked about how he feels about working with Allie, Samuel said, “She’s very engaged in the process and understands that this is important. I think working with Allie has been fun and she’s a valued member of our staff. She has so much enthusiasm and she’s a great helper.” Samuel is happy to be teaching Allie the ways of the shop and they’ve become a great team. Samuel anticipates having her help with restoring windows for First Baptist Church in Hebron as her next project.

We’re very excited to have Allie here working with us and she’s a great worker and wonderful addition to the Stanton Studios team! We can’t wait to see her excel and continue to work on more projects!