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Have you ever wondered who is behind the blog, the website, or the social media? That would be me!  Join me as I explain what I do here at Stanton Studios and my view of how things are in the shop. 

My name is Elizabeth Loop and I am the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Stanton Studios. My day to day duties include contacting clients, taking care of our social media and keeping our website updated, sending out newsletters and press releases, creating marketing campaigns, and writing the blog posts. My favorite activity thus far is definitely writing for the blog. Why, you may ask? Writing for the blog allows me to snoop around the shop and hang around the talented artisans.

Understand that I am not an artisan myself, nor am I a member of the Stanton family. When I first arrived here, I had no idea how stained glass was created, or the names of the tools in the wood shop. I wasn’t even sure what a rivet was. So, when I started writing blog posts, I was able to go downstairs into the workshops and watch in awe as these magnificent masterpieces were created. Even though I am still not experienced enough to actually attempt to help out with much in the workshops, I ask about a million questions and try to learn as much as I can so I can get information to write about and pictures of the projects that are going on in the shop. I follow the artisans around like an excited puppy.

After being here for about 3 months, it is just as fascinating if not more so to see the processes involved with building windows. I have learned that the amount of artistry and skill that each of these artisans possess is more than I could hope to acquire. After attempting to cut a piece of glass, I discovered that it is much more difficult than they made it look. Leading is also an exact science. I don’t understand how they are able to build these windows with such ease and I am thoroughly impressed by the artisans and frustrated by my own lack of skill. I want to be able to do everything they do and be a part of making the masterpieces! Oftentimes, I end up touching everything and all of the artisans feel the need to watch me like a hawk to make sure that I don’t break anything or hurt myself.

Some of the most common phrases I hear are:

  1. Don’t touch that, it’s hot.
  2. Put that down, you’re going to cut yourself
  3. Liz, you’re as bad as a three year old.
  4. What are you doing with that glass cutter?
  5. Here, play with this scrap lead.
  6. Be careful! Don’t fall on the glass!

Though it may sound as if they’re watching over a child, in terms of experience in this field, I am one. Like a child, I am truly fascinated and curious as to how they can make such beautiful works of art.


The artisans downstairs are not only talented, but they’re hilarious. The entire workshop is full of jokes, music, and laughter and I love the people I work with. Due to my interviews and constant questioning, I have gotten to know their personalities so well. There’s Tim, who is always witty and ready to make a joke, Aaron our grouter, who is sensitive and kind, and then there’s Samuel, who is a great speaker and able to take charge of the workshop. Our manager, Jordan, is one of the most interesting characters of all, always running around singing very loudly while quoting dumb movies that I’ve never seen. There’s always something funny and interesting going on and it makes my job as the social media expert fairly simple. Something interesting finds me every day!

For example, today as I was sitting in the upstairs office where my desk is, I heard the sound of a woman exclaiming. Thinking we had a client downstairs that was in need of assistance, I went downstairs to our conference room only to find that there was no one there. The sound had come from the glass shop. Jordan was singing so high pitched and loudly, that I thought he was a woman and could hear him upstairs in the office. I walked in to the glass shop to find Samuel and Tim, the other two builders and Jordan’s brothers, trying to drown out Jordan with their headphones. Samuel then began to play his music out loud, which was slow and sad and depressing, which brought another onslaught of complaining, but this time from Tim and Jordan. Jordan, being the eldest builder and the manager, claimed no one had the right to complain about his singing because he was getting his window done the fastest and could therefore be in charge of the music. Poor Miguel, our other builder, stood quietly in the corner, building his window while laughing to himself.

This family is really a hoot to be around and it makes me so happy to be able to sit downstairs at their workbenches and witness their goofiness and their skill. Despite their ability to remain lighthearted and joke and argue like a normal family, they are able to dish out some of the most complex and beautiful works of art I have ever laid eyes on. I had NO IDEA the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into every piece that is made.


I couldn’t be happier working here and the Stantons have welcomed me in as a member of their team and of their family! We are coworkers and friends and I believe that one day, with their guidance, I’ll be able to make a piece of my own! Probably not as pretty as theirs, but hey, my mom will love it because that’s a mother’s job. For now, I’ll watch as well as I can and capture the Stanton’s artistry and funny personalities.

Stay tuned, because soon I’ll be starting a video blog to better document the day-to-day life inside the shop and allow our clients and the community to see what it’s really like to work with Stanton Studios! The goofy personalities of the Stanton family and the beautiful masterpieces they create are really quite a sight and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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