The Glass Shop

Stanton Studios is in the business of designing and fabricating beautiful stained glass windows, stained glass entries, and custom stained glass domes.

Some of our glass shop pieces include:

  • Stained glass windows and leaded glass windows
  • Hand-painted glass windows
  • Stained Glass Entries
  • Stained Glass Domes
  • Custom Skylights
  • Custom, hand-crafted light fixtures from glass and metal

We want to make the entire design and creation process, from your idea or dream to the installation, as easy as possible.

Do you have questions about stained glass? Contact us or check out our blog to find out important and vital information for your window.

Our company also offers hot, blown glass during certain seasons of the year in our glass blowing shop. Please contact our office for more information about custom blown glass creations like bowls, lamp shades, and light fixtures.

Leaded Glass Window with an Angel