Private Residence

Waco, Texas


Project Description

This beautiful home in Waco, Texas displays numerous custom pieces from Stanton Studios. The current residents have been long-time partners with our studio, and we had the pleasure of designing new pieces for this home after they moved.

The front entry was designed with beveled glass so the owner would be able to see out the front door with some privacy.

The bedroom door, known as the “Golden Mean” door, is a well-known piece from Stanton Studios. The office door also is a custom design that allows light into the office while giving a hint of obscurity for privacy.

The owners of the house requested that we design a window overlooking the living room that would spread a peaceful atmosphere. We designed the “Peace Angel” to preside over the home. The window was created with dichroic glass to make the angel change with the different hours of sunlight.

Project Photos

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