Project description

Stanton Studios has enjoyed a long relationship with SMAA both designing and fabricating new doors and windows for the church, as well as restoring many of their older stained glass windows. This portfolio page highlights some of our recent projects that we designed and fabricated for them.

Angel Doors: We designed and sculpted cast and leaded glass angel-themed doors to the children’s chapel. The doors are in three sets. The first set leads into the vestibule and features St. Michael as a guardian flanking each side of the entrance. The second set of doors leading into the main chapel features musical angels trumpeting praise and worship. Each of the angel doors is made of clear glasses; the face, hands, feet and wings of each of the angels are sculpted and cast in bias relief. The angel garments are cut out of textured, clear, iridized glass that reflects light off of the surface, giving the angels a little ‘shimmer.’ The concept of using the clear glass is to invoke an ethereal feel of the unseen spiritual forces that surround us.

Columbarium Doors: The church recently added a columbarium & courtyard garden outside of the sanctuary and opened up a thirty-five foot long opening in the sanctuary wall and added steel doors. They asked us to design stained glass panels for these doors that would blend with the existing stained glass windows in the sanctuary, which was designed and fabricated in the 1950s.

Miscellaneous Entries: The Arched Red Door leads from the children’s chapel vestibule out to a small garden. The glass surrounding the red door is hand painted leaded glass with a stylized stained glass hand painted angel window above the door in the peak of the roof.

Front entry sidelights and transom: This flowing glass design arches up and flows over the entry with the encouragement to “Let Every Stranger Be Received as if They Were Christ.”

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