Project description

The “Art” and “Science” windows in the Old Main Building at the University of Texas at Austin were damaged in a spring hailstorm and had to be restored and repaired to their original beauty. Stanton Studios replicated the transom from a black-and-white picture of the original window. We were also asked to design and fabricate a custom isothermal protective glazing system for the window, which would protect the window from more damage, both from hard objects and from extreme temperatures.

“The restoration work that Stanton Glass Studio did on the Main Building window looks terrific! I was impressed by your repair work on the damaged panels, and with your re-creation of the transom window. Your ability to match the new window with the panels is remarkable, especially considering the fact that we could only provide a black-and-white photo of the transom for reference. Thank you for an excellent job!”

Frances Gale, Historic Preservation Program – The University of Texas

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