Meet Our Newest Craftsman!

Stanton Studios is happy to announce that we have another bench craftsman in our midst! Mark Clyne has recently started working in the glass shop of Stanton Studios and is undergoing training to learn the unique skills involved in stained glass making! Join me as I discover how Mark became interested in this niche, what he is working on currently, and what he hopes to achieve!

Mark was born and raised in California, and has a very interesting background! Mark is currently a freshman at McLennan Community College here in Waco, Texas and though he is still undecided what his major should be,  Mark explained that his parents are both art majors and therefore, he has a real appreciation for artists and their work.

Mark began working for Stanton Studios a couple of weeks ago through his connection with the youngest Stanton, Timothy. Tim introduced Mark to the art of stained glass making and he thought it was fascinating! So, when the time came for Mark to find a place to work, he came and inquired with us. We are so happy to have Mark join our team and we’re excited to see him learn and excel in his job here at Stanton Studios!

Currently, Mark is working as a bench craftsman under the direction of Miguel Limones and Aaron Haas, who are two of our senior bench craftsmen! They have taught Mark the processes involved with taking apart old and worn stained glass windows and cleaning them! First Mark removes the stained glass pieces from their frames, and then he begins to take off the old lead by cutting it. Then he carefully removes each glass piece! Once all of the glass pieces have been removed, Mark then is able to soak the pieces in a cleaning solution before he takes them out and begins removing all of the old grout from the windows!


Right now, Mark is working on helping to restore the windows for First United Methodist Church in Corsicana as well as windows for Oak Lawn United Methodist Church in Dallas!

We have restored several windows for First United Methodist in Corsicana in the past and we are excited to be restoring more windows to make them look as good as new. We are currently in the process of taking apart over 40 windows for this church, and we are overjoyed to have more hands to help us out on such a great project! The windows in Corsicana are very old and are an important to the church’s history and to it’s congregation!

The windows for Oak Lawn Methodist are beautiful as well, and have been inside of the church for nearly three quarters of a century! The windows, which were installed in 1915,  have bright colors and intricate designs that show great biblical scenes and bathe the inside of the church with color and light. These windows are important pieces aesthetically and historically!


Mark has been a great asset in the restoration process and we can’t wait until he expands his knowledge and learns more! In the future, Mark expressed that he is excited to learn to be a builder and start to make windows of his own! Though he enjoys the processes involved with taking apart and assisting with restorations, cutting glass and building a custom piece designed by Bryant Stanton is always a fun challenge.

When asked how he felt about working at Stanton Studios, Mark replied, “So far, it’s pretty fun!” Mark enjoys the uniqueness of working with stained glass and learning such an obscure art. When asked how he feels about working with the Stanton Studios team, Mark admitted that they are great teachers, saying, “They’ve all been great about helping me learn the ways of the shop and have really helped me to expand my knowledge.”

Mark has been a great asset to the Stanton Studios team and we’re so happy we get to share our workspace with such a wonderful individual. Mark is a quick learner and a great friend to the other bench craftsman and we can’t wait to see what great masterpieces he will be involved in restoring and building!

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