Interview an Artisan: Born into a Family of Artists

Ever wondered who is behind the masterpieces that come out of Stanton Studios? Stanton Studios is filled with family! A father and his sons working hand in hand as the best team of talented artisans is really something unique and special! Timothy Stanton has given me insight as to what it’s like to work in the shop, how he fits in to the family business, and how his family works together to create beautiful art!


Timothy Stanton, youngest son of owner Bryant Stanton, has been immersed in the unique art of creating stained glass since he was just a small child. Since he has a few older brothers as well as his father who are experienced in this craft, Tim explained that he has been watching with fascination and has picked up his skill-set by observing his family.

Tim has three older brothers who all work in the shop with him: Nathan, who is in charge of the wood shop, Jordan, who acts as manager, and Samuel, who is one of our glass experts. Mr. Stanton, the founder of the company, is the owner and designer. He supplies his sons with the ideas and creates blueprints which his sons bring to life and build with raw materials. Tim has been able to watch as his family pours their heart into their work and has always felt the same passion for art as the rest of his family.

Tim began doing little projects and helping around the shop when he was only about 6 years old and has only continued to add to his knowledge-base ever since, successfully completing over one hundred windows. Though Tim began with just simple projects, now he can comfortably create and assemble his own stained glass windows, cutting the glass to the correct shape, grinding it down to smooth out the edges and allow for the shape to be precise, and then using lead to hold the pieces in place and finalize the windows.

Timothy also helps with the removal of windows that need to be restored and the installation of windows once they have been completed. Tim can be found doing many different tasks throughout the shop, including soldering windows, helping out in the wood shop, and helping with the glass blowing events that have recently been going underway. This has allowed him to expand his proficiency in the shop even more, making him a successful artisan in many aspects.


Currently, Tim is working on sidelights that will be placed on the outermost edges of a door in a residence. Though he admits that it is a complicated window to produce, Tim has been diligently working to create a precise and beautiful masterpiece. As the interview is taking place, Tim traces glass pieces and marks them so he can know exactly where to cut, and measures the lead and cuts it so it can perfectly fit around each piece of glass. The work is fascinating and meticulous, but Tim completes it with ease.

Tim uses a marker to mark the glass where it needs to be cut, then carefully uses a special glass cutter to cut the pieces of glass. Afterwards, he takes it over to the grinder, which is a machine that is used to dull the edges of the glass, and he proceeds to make sure that the pieces have smooth edges and are the proper shape. After this, the cut pieces are then placed on a paper drawing of the design that shows him exactly where each piece should go. Then, he pulls out a long strand of lead and straightens and measures it before cutting it and placing it flushed up against the cut glass pieces. Finally, he uses a hammer and nails to nail the edges of the glass in place as he continues working in order to keep the piece of glass from shifting and moves on to putting in the next piece of glass and lead.

Tim explained that his favorite activity is building windows and doing the processes involved with leading as described above. Tim says, “A window is like a large puzzle that you can see your progress in as you go.” Tim explained that it is this fact that motivates him to finish a window and gives him joy as he works. It usually takes Tim approximately a day and a half to finish putting together a simple window. The process is one that is definitely different from work in the average job, but Tim wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tim anticipates working in his family’s shop for many years to come and really enjoys the environment of being around his brothers and parents, doing something he enjoys and that he excels at. He has expressed his gratitude for being able to learn about such a rare and fascinating art and acknowledges that it has been a blessing to be on this journey with his family at his side. “My brothers are great to work with. We have such a great work environment because it’s like a family project.”

There’s no doubt about it, the Stanton family has found their niche in architectural art, and they put their family name and pride into their masterpieces! With methods that have been passed down from father to son, training in their art since childhood, and the love and teamwork of a family that exists in the workplace, it is no surprise that they are able to produce such marvels.

Pictured below are all of the Stanton sons: Nathan, Jordan, Samuel, and Timothy. Together they are an elite team of artisans in the workplace, but also competitive and playful brothers everyday in their daily lives.

“We’re a tight-knit group. We like hanging out a lot together — at work and outside of work.” Tim admits. Stanton Studios family foundation will continue on for years to come!

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