Stories in Art: Wood Craftsmanship

Walnut Cabinets with Leaded Glass for a home office

We have focused mostly on the stories that our pieces of glass art tell. But, Stanton Glass Studio’s affiliate, Stanton Woodworks, has a hand in the story-making as well. In a day when wooden cabinets and furniture are machine-made and factory-produced from big box stores, the art of woodworking has almost been forgotten.

In truth, woodworking is one of the oldest arts in the world. In the past, all wood pieces were held by a craftsman and massaged into a custom-designed creation. Even now, cabinets in a home can be something like an art form.

Woodworking expands much further than just building furniture or cabinets. So much knowledge and design must be attached to a project.

Chelsea Kloss from Chelsea+Remy Design introduced us to John Adams. He asked Nathan Stanton to build a bar and cabinets for an at-home wine bar in his lake house. He later expanded his request to include an entire office of custom cabinets that included glass designs from Stanton Glass Studio.

When considering each project, a craftsman must think about the type of wood for the space. Some woods are richer in color and strength than others. Some are easily stained, while others are easier to paint. The color of the wood must beautifully reflect the overall space. Well-made cabinets and wood pieces tell a story just like other art.

For the Adams’ residence, Nathan chose a beautiful solid walnut for the cabinets and bar and a burled walnut veneer for the paneling. Walnut carries a rich color by itself and doesn’t even require staining.

Machine-made cabinets are produced almost instantaneously, while handcrafted wood cabinets take time and expert knowledge. Each part of the cabinet is handled by the craftsman and pieced together just like woodworkers did hundreds of years ago. This type of cabinetry is built to last a lifetime.

The wine door and the star design were designed and fabricated by both Stanton Glass Studio and Stanton Woodworks for the Adams.

Walnut cabinet with leaded glass for a home office.

Sometimes, the installation of an art piece is the most exciting part of the story. We install our own work and see it all the way through to the end. As the cabinets were going in upstairs, our team had to lift the cabinets up using material lifts to the second floor with inches to spare on each side. It’s always an adventure in our line of work.

Who said cabinets have to be ordered from a factory? Cabinets are still created just as they were many years ago. They can be built to last. They can be art pieces in themselves.

This home bar was designed and built with a walnut bar, cabinets, and door.

For more pictures of Stanton Woodworks’ projects, go to the woodworking portfolio.

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