Stories in Art: Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

Light fixture with stained glass custom-made by Stanton Glass Studio

Every artist can agree that imagining and designing the art piece can be the most difficult part of creating art. The overall concept must be accounted for, but…more so…each line, every angle, all the colors, and single intricate detail must add up to create the final picture seen by all. For stained glass artwork, the essence of the design tells the story of the architectural space surrounding the piece. It must fit perfectly into the room and building in which is resides.

Stained glass is far more than the traditional windows in churches that most people think of. At our company, we enjoy all ranges of styles in our designs.

Landry’s, Inc. approached us in 2002 with a request for contemporary light fixtures for their new restaurant opening in Houston, Texas called Vic & Anthony’s. The steakhouse would be a fine dining and upscale restaurant with a little hint of Texas style in the modern architecture. The light fixtures would have to perfectly align with the look and feel of the entire building.

An exciting challenge.

The restaurant itself has an interesting story in its beginnings. Landry’s CEO, Tilman Fertitta, traveled around with his father, Vic, for many years, sampling the best restaurants in the United States. He decided to begin his own steakhouse chain in Houston, and he named the restaurant Vic & Anthony’s to honor his father and uncle, Anthony. The restaurant is now extremely successful and has won many awards.

As previously stated, the design is everything for an artwork. The colors, lines, angles, and lighting all have to be considered along with the atmosphere and feel of the space. Each light fixture design was imagined and created with the knowledge that the art pieces would be encompassed within the architecture and interior design of the restaurant itself.

Almost like frosting on top of a cake. Our art pieces would be a part of the whole, but would contribute a certain “sweetness” to the room that would be lost without them.

Stanton Glass Studio set to work in 2002 created numerous hanging light fixtures, skylights, wall sconces, and modern art pieces to include in the construction of the restaurant. Our signature “Lone Star” light fixture could be seen by all the customers as a subtle signature of Texas pride.

In addition to the glass pieces that we did, our metal shop worked on specially-designed and crafted metal cabinet doors for the wine room in Vic & Anthony’s.

Light fixture with stained glass in the Vic & Anthony's boardroom in Houston, Texas

As the Houston location grew into a successful steakhouse, Landry’s decided to add another location in Las Vegas in 2006. Stanton Glass Studio also worked on pieces for this Vic & Anthony’s that can still be admired today.

Light fixture made with stained glass in Vic & Anthony's by Stanton Glass Studio

In late 2014, we worked on Vic & Anthony’s location in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our hanging star pendants in both the Las Vegas and Lake Charles locations point the customers back to the steakhouse chain’s roots in Texas.

In many instances with artwork like painting, sculpting, or glass art, it is easy to overlook the intricacy of each stroke, crease, or glass piece. It can be simple to take a work of art at face value instead of seeing the detailed story behind the piece.

With hand-painted stained glass murals in churches or cathedrals, it is far easier to see a story behind the work. But even contemporary art pieces often tell a rich story through the designs and intricate details.

Next time you are at a Vic & Anthony’s award-winning steakhouse, make sure you enjoy the beauty of the architectural space along with your expertly-prepared dinner.

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