Stories in Art: The Driskill Hotel

What makes art truly significant?

Simply put: storytelling. Each individual piece of art has a story woven in the brush strokes…in the stained and cut pieces of glass…in the vision in every artist’s mind.

We’ve made telling stories our livelihood. Each window that Stanton Glass Studio creates has a story to share. Every project has a tale behind the creation and design of the artwork.

Driskill by night

The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas is a building built on stories and history, and our beginnings with the hotel go back to the late 1990s when the hotel was being renovated and restored. Stanton Glass Studio started out etching the Driskill “D” on shower doors and then began work on larger pieces for entryways and windows. We have continued doing renovation and original work for the Driskill Hotel for 20 years.

The Driskill was built in 1886 and has continued to stand as one of the finest hotels in the United States. The hotel is lined with beautiful art pieces of various makes and forms, from the marble columns and floors, to the paintings, to the individually-designed and crafted windows and domes.

Many rooms in the historic hotel are home to artwork by our company. The piano in the upper lobby bar is fitted with a custom glass top, engraved with lyrics from “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and arrayed with 23 karat gold.

All of the windows had to weave into the story that the Driskill needed to share. The look and feel of all the glass art had to portray the elegance and timelessness of the building.

From the windows in the Lyndon B. Johnson Suite to the logo and designs in the Victorian Room, the interior design and architecture of the hotel is intertwined with the story that the glass art speaks.

The dome in the main lobby is a well-known piece designed by Stanton Glass Studio that has its own story to share. Built in just 90 days, the dome is a beautifully imagined work of art that displays backlighting, metalworking, and glassmaking. The dome captures the essence of another era while standing as an anchor into the present day. It reminds the visitors of the hotel of a past time and rich elegance and seems to be such a part of the renovated building that some can’t even remember the dome’s absence.

The Driskill Hotel and all of its art, some that we imagined and created, share a deep and profound tale of the past that can so easily be seen in the stories that the custom art pieces tell.

Art is alive because of the significance behind the narratives of the work. It’s why the creation of art is still a passion in the world. And it is why it is rewarding to create stories at Stanton Glass Studio.

For more pictures of the Driskill Hotel and our work, see the Hospitality and Offices tab in our Portfolio.

The custom-designed Driskill Dome by Stanton Glass Studios.
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