Stories in Art: The 714 Lofts

As our company continues to expand, we find it exciting to take on new challenges for our projects. When we work on larger spaces, we have to find a way to tie in a central theme to our artistic creations. All the pieces must be unique and individual, but must also portray the story that the architectural space is trying to tell.

Recently, we had the privilege to work with a local architect in Waco, Texas to design and accent a condominium complex called the 714 Lofts that he wanted to build in the revitalized downtown district. The building was an old warehouse that had been abandoned, and the architect’s vision involved gutting the entire interior and rebuilding loft-style condos with a custom loft for himself and his family on the first floor. He hired Stanton Glass Studio and Stanton Woodworks to create all the millwork, glasswork, and metalwork for the entire complex, including glass and wood cabinets, doors and entries, stained glass for his condo, and the entry door.

Leaded and stained glass with custom woodworking

We wanted our designs to be unique…eye-catching…extraordinary. And not only that, we needed our designs to line up with the artistic flare of the architect. He wanted his personal loft to line up with his “Mission-style” furniture and his collection of modern art paintings. For his personal loft, we designed a door that displayed stained glass with an iris flower design.

For his shutters, we designed textured, clear glass windows that would beautifully reflect any colors outdoors. Therefore, the windows’ actual appearance changes depending on the hour of the day like a painting that reinvents itself over and over again.

Throughout the entire building, we wanted there to be a theme of circularity and unity. We took our inspiration from Fibonacci’s Sequence…the Golden Mean. The idea of concentric circles is used throughout the complex.

The light fixture itself needed to be a statement piece that could be seen from the street through the window. We cleaned up an antique hay trolley and repurposed it to be the top of the fixture. The design features three concentric circles displaying the Golden Mean. The glass fixture holds LED lights, which illuminate the space. Hanging from the very center is an old-fashioned plumb bob to hint at the architect’s trade.

In each of the nine lofts, we designed each door to mimic the green garden door at the entrance to the building. Because the complex was redeveloped from a previous warehouse, each condo’s layout was unique. So that meant that each kitchen had its own cabinet design. Each condo displays a light fixture in the foyer. All the bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and entries were handmade in our woodshop. Even the hand-sculpted wall sconces in the entry were created here in our studio.

Bryant Stanton designed the entire wall and exterior door that would lead into the inner garden of the complex. Nathan Stanton built the wooden door, and Jordan Stanton completed the metal work seen in the intricate design that almost mimics leaded glass.

Little did we know that the green garden door would become a statement piece of Waco. The “Green Hobbit Door” as some Wacoans call it. The door was recently stated as being the most-photographed door in Waco by The Wacoan magazine.

The 714 Lofts are some of the most popular condos in Waco. The unique design creates a marriage between the shabby chic look of the old warehouse and the modern art feel of the space.

Custom glass and metal light fixture designed with antique hay trolley

Stories in art can surpass just one single piece. Sometimes, the entire architectural space has a story to tell all on its own. We just get to go in and tweak and enrich the space by adding artistic enhancements.

Thank you to Eagle Wing Productions for capturing such beautiful photographs of our work.

Custom wood and metal door designed and created by Stanton Glass Studio, LLC
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