Stories in Art: How Custom Entryways are like Handshakes

Why are custom, wood-crafted entryways better than a store-bought, boxed, generic door from a manufacturer?

Simply, a custom-designed entry is the first impression that a guest will see when walking up to your home.

What is the first thing you do when greeting someone? You extend your hand for a handshake. It’s the first impression.

A handshake can be the opinion-forming moment for a new acquaintance. For job recruiters, a handshake is a test of the interviewee’s character.

So, what should a door really be?

A handshake. An opinion-forming moment for a guest when they arrive at a beautiful home.

The entryway must be inviting and open. It must leave a good impression and represent the rest of your home. A door tells a story all on its own. It should give a summons to enter…and draw out intrigue as to what is on the other side…


More than an Addition 

Doors make a statement. They leave us with both wonder and curiosity…an invitation to open and explore. Doors can be art pieces that add value to your home and are enjoyable as a daily part of your life.

Custom Entryway designed by Stanton Glass Studio with clear leaded glass design

The design of the entryway should be a reflective mirror of the overall home design, but be able to stand alone.

Stanton Glass Studio, LLC and Stanton Woodworks collaborate on custom entryways as a regular part of our business. Every project is taken separately and designed specifically for the home, neighborhood, and even city that the home resides in.

Clear and stained leaded glass window with traditional design by Stanton Glass Studio, LLC

Your personality as a homeowner should be portrayed in the entry of your home. It should tell a guest something about you.

When someone drives up your street, the front door is the visual and symbolic entry into you and your family’s life. An invitation.

A handshake.


The Growing Market of Custom Entry Doors

The remodeling and homebuilding industry is showing a sharp growth in custom entryway sales. More and more homebuilders are looking for a way to improve upon their homes.

Why buy a mainstream door from a warehouse that looks generic and uninviting?

A custom front door can be any material, any price, and range from a huge spectrum of design and type. From steel, to metal, to glass…your entry should fit your home.

As the market for remodeling and homebuilding grows, we will continue to see more and more requests for custom entryways.

Choosing a Door and Designer 

So what door design would fit you and your home?

One of our clients, Mrs. Myers, requested a door that would fall in line with the traditional unique style of her home. She also requested that we create a door that allowed her to see outside while maintaining privacy at the same time. We used beveled glass to achieve this.

Your home is a reflection of your taste and preferences, and your door design should be no different.

If your home has a modern flare, then we would recommend a simple design with geometric lines and shapes.

Does your home reside on a ranch? Check out this custom, hand-painted entry door we created for a ranch house.

This custom entryway is in a ranch house and is created with hand-painted stained glass.

You can have a custom glass design to lighten the home with natural light. Or you could have a custom wood door that has both protection and privacy as attributes.

Who should you hire to provide you with a custom front door?

Someone with experience.

Stanton Glass Studio, LLC and Stanton Woodworks have been creating custom entryways for decades and have designs ranging in all genres and styles.

If we cannot help you, we recommend using a local artisan. Local artisans, like our company, give you both a functional piece and also a work of art for your home.

Artisan pieces are conversation starters, and they serve as an impressive first look at your home. Plus, they profit the local market and support talented artists.

The Art of the Door 

A door should not only function as a handshake into your home, but also a welcome mat. The entry welcomes friends, family, and guests through a portal and into your life.

There are whole sections of Pinterest dedicated to artistic doors. They can transport your home into another era, or dress up a modern feel of the exterior.

Creating a door by hand takes time and artistic expression. We enjoy the challenge of molding every door to meet the client’s needs and desires.

If you enjoy fine art, why should your door not express this as well?

A door should be an invitation. A handshake in greeting. A wave goodbye. A first and last glance. It should be an art piece that serves as a welcome sign to your home.


Contact us for more information about our custom entries, and click here for more pictures of our doors.

Front door custom-designed with beveled and leaded clear glass.
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