Stories in Art: How Art Can Change a Home

Stained glass windows and glass art can hold meaning deeper than just an accent to a room. Sometimes an artwork can carry emotional symbols of love, laughter, and even peace in a troubled environment.

The Myers came to us a few years ago with a request to design a custom entry for their country home on their working ranch. We constructed an elaborate doorway with hand-painted leaded glass that featured the Myers’ Herford cattle grazing in a field of bluebonnets. This piece was the first of numerous pieces that we have created for the Myers.

Several years later, having purchased a new home, the Myers came to us with another request. They had bought their new home off an auction block, ripe with problems. Upon inspection, it became clear that the home had evidence and signs of terrible domestic violence from the previous owners.

The atmosphere of the home was troubled to say the least.

The Myers asked us to design a window that would overlook the living area and symbolize the peace they wished to fill the house with.

Bryant designed a Peace Angel to watch over the home. The window is created from clear, leaded, and textured glass. The angel itself was created using iridized glass, which gives it natural, living, and reflective color. Each hour of the day lights the angel up differently. The clear glass almost seems ethereal…reasonable for a representation of an angel.

Rustic Living Room with Leaded Glass Window and Entry

The window is now a watchful symbol for peace in a house previously torn apart by violence.

Leaded Glass Window with an Angel

The Myers’ new house also features other pieces of Stanton Glass Studio’s work. The entrance to the master bedroom is the home of our well-known Golden Mean door. The door is composed of many different colors and textures of glass and has been repined almost 1,000 times on Pinterest alone.

Also in the house is a beautiful custom office door entry built with textured and stained glass. The door features a very non-traditional design with mouth blown glass and cut roundels.

Most recently, Mrs. Myers came to us with a request to reconstruct her front door and add in panels of leaded glass. She wished to lighten up the dark foyer, allowing them to see through the doors to the outdoors and their beautiful front yard.

The custom entry door is fabricated from beveled and mouth blown glass, which enables the homeowner to look outside while protecting the privacy of those inside. Natural light is able to shine through and light up the entire foyer area.

The Myers’ residence is a good example for how glass art can be more than just home accents. Art pieces can even branch beyond mere storytelling. An artwork can have deep, rich symbolic meaning for the homeowner and even the home itself. It does more than just complete the space.

Our Peace Angel is a presence in the home…watching over the living room and shining down peace on a beautiful house with a troubled past and making the home into something entirely new.

Eagle Wings Production did a beautiful job capturing the perfect lighting in which to bring the angel to life. Stay tuned for more pictures from the photo shoot of the artwork in the Myers’ residence.

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Clear and Stained Leaded Glass Entry Office Door
Clear Leaded Glass Entry Door
Golden Mean Door with textured and stained leaded glass design
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