Multiple Mediums: Why Stanton Glass Studio is expanding into Stanton Studios


We at Stanton Studios are so excited to announce a big change in our company that has been six months in the making! And that is the expansion from the well-known Stanton Glass Studio into a collaborative brand called Stanton Studios.

What does this mean?

It means simply that we are acknowledging all of the talented artists and different mediums that our company works in, besides our well-known stained glass work. We are still the same company that started as Stanton Glass Studio in 1979. Since that date, we have grown from a small stained glass business into a large art studio that works in the mediums of glass, metal, and wood to create architectural artworks.

Why the change?

So many of our projects have been created from different art forms. Some of our projects have included glass and wood, some have been metal and wood, and others have been metal and glass. We have a glass shop, a woodworking shop, a metal shop, and a glassblowing shop. All of the shops produce a variety of artwork, ranging from restoration work in historical stained glass windows to custom light fixtures in our metal shop.

What will be changing in association with Stanton Studios?

Glad you asked! We are having a makeover of sorts, complete with a new logo, a new name, and…a new website! Our new website,, is launched and ready to wow you. The new website was designed by Apparatus Digital Marketing Agency. It’s smooth and sleek, so check it out!

Stanton Hot Glass and Stanton Woodworks are both included under the umbrella of Stanton Studios. Contact us to find out more about our wood shop and hot glass shop!

What won’t be changing in association with Stanton Studios? 

Our excellent customer service will stay the same, exactly how it was when we were known as Stanton Glass Studio! The quality of our artwork is also going to stay top-notch, and we are excited to look at even more exciting artistic avenues that our company can explore. But the hardworking employees, custom designs, and customer satisfaction will all be around to stay!

Custom cabinetry designed by Stanton Woodworks

Have more questions?

Do you want to know more about our expansion? Do you have an idea for an architectural art piece in a medium other than glass? Let us know! We can work with a lot of different materials and even combine them in some projects! We want to help make your vision a reality.

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