History of Stanton Studios

Founded in 1979, our company wasn’t always known as Stanton Studios. In fact, a recent change turned Stanton Glass Studio, LLC. into Stanton Studios.

Bryant Stanton became interested in stained glass while studying art at Texas Tech University before transferring to Baylor University.

“I took a beginning stained glass class, actually, and I made a butterfly,” Stanton said. “A simple butterfly. And it was addicting. Once I cut the glass and leaded it together, I was hooked.”

At 21, Stanton found his passion and decided to pursue a career in stained glass art. When it first began, Bryant was the only worker at the studio. He drew stained glass designs by hand and created pieces for clients in Waco, TX.

His first job was restoring a stained glass window for a local church. Stanton Studios still does work for this church today.

Beginning as a small stained glass shop in downtown Waco, Stanton Studios continues to grow and expand. Now the studio combines skills in glass working, woodworking and metalworking.

Green door located in downtown Waco
Condominium art in wood, metal, and glass

Local Favorites

One of Bryant’s sons, Nathan Stanton, started in woodworking when he was 18. Nine years later, the wood shop at Stanton Studios has completed projects for fine custom doors, cabinetry, architectural window frames and various pieces of furniture.

Wacoans know Nathan’s work, whether they realize it or not. Located on Austin Ave., in the center of downtown Waco, is a one-of-a-kind green door. Upon installation, this door became one of Waco’s most photographed sites. It shows visitors a taste of the character and charm they expect when they enter the lofts. Stanton Studios designed and fabricated custom cabinets, doors and windows throughout the lofts.

Bryant and four of his sons work together to create architectural art for churches, homes and commercial buildings throughout Texas and the U.S.

One of Stanton’s favorite pieces can be found locally in the Sciences building at McLennan County Community College. The DNA sculpture, standing more than 30 feet tall and weighing 3,200 pounds, is the largest in the state of Texas. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to install.

A short video about the creation and installation of the DNA sculpture can be found by clicking here.

Recently, Stanton Studios had the chance to work with Baylor University to create the Eternal Flame sculpture. This 1,600 pound metal sculpture honors the lives of the Immortal Ten. This represents the ten Baylor basketball players who were killed in a bus-train accident in 1927. For more information, click here.

Memorable Pieces

At Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse in Houston, Las Vegas and Lake Charles, Louisiana, customers get to experience the beauty of stained glass art while eating their meals.

The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas is a great testament to the power of stained glass. This historic building, originally built in 1886, was a favorite of President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1934, Johnson met his future wife for their first date in the Driskill dining room.

President Johnson is still commemorated in the LBJ Suite at the Driskill. In this suite and throughout the hotel, Stanton Studios has had the opportunity to design stained glass elements that complete the historic look of the building. The stained glass dome in the lobby is just one example.

Along with creating amazing and grand commercial pieces, Stanton Studios often works with homeowners and interior designers to help their vision come to life.

Regardless of size, Stanton Studios has done it all. One of the most impressive residential pieces was a dome completed for a home in Arkansas. The beautiful dome greets visitors as they walk into the home.

This client also wanted a smaller dome for their bar area, designed to represent a day at the horse racing track. This custom design is the perfect addition to their bar, and provides a conversation piece when they are entertaining their guests.

Wood, glass and metal are included in almost all of Stanton’s design work. To fabricate domes, whether residential or commercial, the artisans start with an iron framework. This framework is formed and welded in the metal shop. Once the frame is installed, they finish the dome with decorative wood moldings before installing the finished stained glass panel.

No matter who Stanton Studios designs a piece for, their architectural art gives a special feeling to the space and lends it an aesthetic appeal that cannot be achieved by any other means.

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