Guardian of the Lofts

Introducing The New Guardian in Town

On July 13, Stanton Studios installed a cast glass face in the entrance of the 714 lofts of downtown Waco. This cast crystal face is titled “The Guardian of the Lofts” and is inspired by gargoyles and grotesques of the past. Bryant Stanton, founder of Stanton Studios, created a whimsical face that was designed and sculpted to greet all who enter the green art deco door they made a few years ago.

Much like a sentry, this angry face keeps away all that don’t belong. This guardian’s face is gilded and back-lit with LED lights that slowly cycle through a myriad of color changes. As the colors change and illuminate the face, its countenance changes as well – conveying different emotions depending on the color.

Bryant worked in tandem with architect Grant Dudley from the architectural firm RBDR. Together, they designed a wall that runs between the 714 Lofts and the Hippodrome Theatre, filling the empty void between the two buildings. The wall was designed to look old and decayed – as if it was an original part of the building that stood there before a tornado in 1953 destroyed it. This iconic Green Door was inspired by the millwork of the Art Deco era. It functions less as an entrance to a building and more as a garden gate door that opens up to a courtyard for the lofts and pool. The Green Door is one of downtown Waco’s most visited sites and a favorite for photographers, Wacoans and visitors to capture.

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