Create Your Own Mouth Blown Masterpiece at Stanton Studios

This year, we are happy to announce that Stanton Studios will be opening our shop to the community to give you the opportunity to create your own hand-blown Christmas ornament. We save glassblowing for the holiday season, furthering the spirit of giving by opening our shop every weekend starting in November until the week before Christmas to guests for these special events.

Our glassblowing events will run from every Friday and Saturday in November and December, up until the weekend before Christmas. You may schedule appointments from 8am – 12pm, and 1:30pm – 6pm.

Ornaments are $35 each. Since it takes an additional 24 hours for ornaments to fire in the furnace, we ask that those outside of Waco pay an additional shipping fee, and we will ship your ornament to you!


Jordan Stanton is our glassblower extraordinaire who will assist you in blowing your own ornament. We have multiple colors to choose from, including some new ones for the new year!

Interested in how the process works? Here’s what happens:

  1. Our kiln, which is a furnace that heats the glass, will be heated to 2000 degrees approximately 24 hours prior to the events. After it is fully heated, Jordan will make sure there is a good amount of molten glass to be used in the furnace.
  2. Using a blowpipe, Jordan will gather some molten glass on the end of his blowpipe and then marver – or shape – the molten glass into a cylinder.
  3. Jordan will then add the flecks of color that you choose and place the glass into a furnace to heat up the colors. He will then blow into the end of the blowpipe, filling the molten glass with an air bubble.
  4. Then, it’s the participant’s turn to blow! After attaching a hose to the end of the blowpipe, the participant will blow air into the hose and watch as the glass expands like a balloon being inflated! During this time, Jordan will shape the ornament into a sphere and cut a jackline.
  5. He will then make final adjustments. Jordan will break the glass off the blowpipe, attach a bit of molten glass to the top of the ornament, and shape a hook using a torch and tweezers. The ornament will then be housed in the annealer for 6 hours so the glass can cool down slowly and avoid cracking.

From taking the molten glass out of the kiln to putting the finished ornament in the annealer, the actual process of creating and shaping the ornament takes about 10 minutes. It takes a great deal of preparation, but the results are beautiful, handcrafted glass ornaments that are perfect gifts for any friend or family member. That being said, we do not include shipping in our initial costs, so if you live outside of Waco, be expected to pay a small shipping fee so we can mail you your ornament.

Are you interested in helping create your own Christmas ornament? Would you like to hear more about our hot glass pieces? Contact or call us at (800) 619-4882.

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  • Lorie Goldstein

    What a great website! My first time to see it and I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to future interviews. Thank you for making time out of your workday to share with everyone.

  • Christine McMains

    Totally enjoyed doing the Christmas Ornaments with my family. I think we plan on making it a annual tradition.

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