Celebrating the Holidays with Glassblowing!

Hot glass mouth-blown ornament

The holiday season is a special time here at Stanton Studios. We celebrate Christmas with fun, good cheer, and firing up our 2000 degree furnaces for some expert glass blowing!

We save glass blowing for the cooler months of the year, and we honor the Christmas season of giving by opening up our glass shop for the community to come out and try their hand at mouth-blown glass ornaments for their Christmas trees.

Just how does our glassblower, Jordan, create ornaments out of molten glass?

First, the furnace must be heated to 2000 degrees, which takes approximately 24 hours. After the furnace is fully-heated, the glassblower must make sure that there is a good amount of molten glass to be used in the furnace.

Using a blowpipe, the craftsmen will gather some molten glass on the end of his blowpipe and then marver, or shape, the molten glass into a cylinder.

Next, the glass blower will blow into the other end of the blowpipe, filling the molten glass with an air bubble.

The glassblower will then fashion the glass at the end of the blowpipe into a bullet shape and add flecks of color. If you make your own ornament, you get to choose the color of your choice and try your hand at blowing into the blowpipe yourself.

After adding color and shaping the glass into a perfect orb for the Christmas ornament, the glassblower will cut in a jack line. The glass blower will then make final adjustments and break the glass off the blowpipe and house the glass in the annealer for 24 hours.

glass blowing furnace 2000 degrees

The entire process of heating and annealing and creating a Christmas ornament takes a total of three days, and it is truly an art form. You can schedule an appointment for an hour and then come back and pick up your ornament after it cools in the annealer.

Check out some of these photos. Are you interested in helping create your own Christmas ornaments? Would you like to hear more about our hot glass pieces? Contact us and let us know!

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from our family at Stanton Studios!

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