A Look Inside Our Studio


A finished product. The fruit of long, tedious hours spent cutting, grinding, assembling and painting custom pieces that tell stories. We love seeing the finished product – the outcome of a completed process.

Behind every piece of artwork are layers of steps that take place inside our studio. While our clients are always impressed by the quality of the pieces they receive, many don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. What are some things you’d find if you stepped inside our artisan’s creative workspace?


Tools & Machines

Saws, hammers, pliers and paintbrushes – these are just a few of the many tools utilized on a daily basis here at Stanton Studios. It’s likely you’d hear the humming of an electric saw or smell the fumes of glass paint if you spent any time with us.

There are a few machines essential to the creation of our pieces. Our beveling machine is used to grind curved glass to fit custom orders and shapes. We also have a horizontal beveling machine that produces the same effect for flat glass instead of curved glass. Both clear and colored glass can be used with these machines, and they are worked with until they have smooth, polished edges. The water on our beveling machines helps keep the glass cool and prevent harmful dust from being inhaled. Beveling machines are important because they utilize techniques that help create brilliant – or reflective – glass.

Glass Shelves

The back of our studio is lined with shelves of colorful, custom-ordered glass. They’re organized by color, size and type. Each week, we receive shipments of new glass according to the unique specifications of each project we’re working on. Examples of glass we use are: Uroboros Glass, Bullseye Glass, baroque glass, English Muffle glass, Lambert’s German Antique and clear glass. Each kind is unique in its color and texture!

Check out one of our blog posts from earlier this summer with ideas and examples of different ways to incorporate custom stained glass in your home.


Blueprints & Jigsaw Puzzles

Each piece of work requires careful designing and planning, which is why there are often multiple sheets of blueprints lying around our workbenches. Each one carefully maps out where each piece of glass will lay, what color it is and which direction the curves should face.

As you look around our studio, you will find multiple projects in different stages. From blueprints and grinding to painting and soldering, each piece is carefully taken through the same process. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece of glass is laid out on our tables before it can be put together. This is often what you’d see as you walk around our studio.

The Wood Shop

If you visit the building next door to our studio, you’ll find our woodshop. This is where we create custom wood creations for homes, business and churches. This part of the business began when Nathan Stanton was just 18 years old, and has grown to become a very successful business of wood craftsmanship. We guarantee the smell of sawdust is almost always in the air.

Some projects we create in our woodshop include fine custom cabinetry, doors, entries, window frames and furniture pieces. It’s our passion to turn your ideas into beautiful, custom pieces.


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