9 Reasons why Handcrafted, Custom Cabinets are Better than Stock Cabinets

When redesigning a kitchen, office, or bathroom, it’s important to make wise choices when selecting between custom cabinets from a craftsman or stock cabinets from a factory. So, why are custom cabinets usually a better choice? Here are nine reasons that we have come up with in favor of handcrafted cabinetry.

1. Longer lasting

Handmade cabinets in a wood shop are carefully handled and expertly made, enhancing their longevity. Each panel or piece of trim is selected by the woodworker for the highest quality of cabinet, unlike a standardized stock cabinet made from particleboard. A solid wood custom cabinet crafted by a woodworker will last years longer than a factory cabinet and will handle more wear-and-tear. The long-lasting value of the cabinets increases the marketability of the home and its resale value.

2. Personalized to your home

With stock cabinets, you get what’s available on the shelf. With custom-designed cabinetry, you can help design your own cabinets to fit perfectly into the style and design of your home. Kitchens can range from modern to rustic to traditional, and an experienced woodworker can create cabinets that enhance that style. Every cabinet job has its own specifications like stain-grade or paint-grade, stain color, finish, paint color, and the intricacy of the paneling.

Need some assistance in choosing a cabinet style? Get some inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens.

Custom cabinetry

3. Artistry through woodwork

Woodworking is not just a craft. It can be an art. Cabinetry can be a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen or office. Some woodworkers can hand carve patterns into your cabinets as art. If your home is one that shows beautiful artwork in the architecture and interior design, then handcrafted cabinets would be a great compliment to your home. Who said cabinets couldn’t be both functional and artistic?

4. Your designs

While stock cabinets are convenient for a time-sensitive job, custom cabinets are a great option when you want to be involved in the design phase of the job. When working with a personable woodworker, you can have a say in the type of wood, color, paneling design, molding, and even the type of hinges you want on the cabinets. You can’t get more custom than that!

5. Unique and different

Have you ever walked into a home that is not yours and felt like you were seeing double? Chances are if you buy off the shelf, someone else will have bought the same exact item as you or chosen the same exact kitchen design from the catalogue. With custom cabinetry, you can have the assurance that your kitchen is unique, original, and top quality.

6. Made by experts

Factory stores create cabinets by the use of a computer system and an assembly line. Most of the stock cabinets are created out of a kit that you have to assemble at home, which can take a lot of time. There is always room for error, but an expert craftsman can catch most mistakes before they ever reach your home. A good woodworker keeps you updated on the process, his progress, and how everything is looking. Another positive to having an expert work on your project is that he will usually install the cabinets for you, saving you time and energy.

7. Modified to meet your needs

Would you like a specially-designed cabinet for spices? Or a hidden cabinet for private items? What about that really long serving dish that needs a vertical shelf? You can specify your exact custom needs when you hire a craftsman to design your cabinets. We had one client in years past who wanted special drawer dividers for his dress ties. Another client wanted a bi-fold door with a Lazy Susan inside for hardware.

8. Better quality and materials

As previously stated, solid wood lasts longer than the cheaper material that factories and manufacturers use for their stock woodwork. Stock cabinets are created out of cheap wood with a veneer that mimics wood grain…it only goes skin deep. Why not have a cabinet that’s made of real wood? A skilled craftsman will handpick the planks of wood to be used for a custom cabinet job. You can decide which color richness and depth of the wood you like the best. We have made cabinets using walnut, red oak, poplar, maple, and even mahogany for some of our cabinet jobs. Each type of wood varies in price and quality, and some are better for painting or staining than others. It all depends on the specifications for your home.

9. Better bang for your buck

To answer the question in your mind…yes, custom cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets. In some cases, stock cabinetry might even be a better option for your particular situation. However, custom cabinets last longer than factory box cabinets and won’t have to be replaced or repaired as often. You might pay more up front, but you will save money later on.

Still trying to decide between custom or stock cabinetry? You can contact us, and we can talk to you about the benefits of custom cabinetry or honestly tell you if stock cabinets might be a better option for you.

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