8 Ways that a Custom Glass Window Improves your Home

Why are custom-designed glass windows a great option for your home? Windows are a glance into our lives and our home. They let in necessary natural light and warmth, and they can be designed and built as an art piece that can be an architectural accent for the room. Here are eight reasons why a custom glass window can dramatically improve the interior and exterior design of your house!

1. Curb appeal

Custom windows in the front of your home are visibly inviting to guests. They bring out character qualities in the exterior of the house. Your custom window can be stained or clear, but it is always unique and interesting to those who may visit your home or just drive by. Beautiful windows help your house become a statement piece

2. Memorable

Windows with an intricate design draw the eye and make a room truly memorable. Custom windows are pieces of art, and art speaks to people. Your window design can become rooted in the overall outlook of your home. Your window can become a signature piece. Better Homes and Gardens offers some unique design ideas.

Clear leaded glass shutters in condo

3. Unique piece of art tailored to you

The great thing about a window that is created by a professional designer is that you have input into the final outcome. The design can be as intricate and detailed as you want and can be whatever subject matter you want! One of our past clients wanted us to hand paint their specific cattle in a door transom, and another client wanted us to paint her grandchildren in a scene. Whether your piece is painted, stained, or clear, it can represent something very specific and personal to you as a beautiful art piece.

Hand-painted leaded glass entry door

4. Improves quality of life

As previously mentioned, art speaks to people. It can speak of beauty and new life, or healing and rejuvenation. It can even be a piece that honors a loved one and keeps them in your thoughts. A window design can be so much more than an interior design addition to your living room. It can hold rich meaning to you and your family. And it can improve the quality of life that you enjoy while living in your home. One of our clients had one of our windows, “Morning Glory,” in his home for twenty years. When he sold his home, he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the window that had been a part of his life for so long. He sent the window back to us and had us add to the window and refurbish it so it would fit nicely in his newly-built home.

Clear and Etched Glass Kitchen Window with Flowers

5. Changes the ambience of the room

Custom windows change the atmosphere of a space. They bring a hint of spice and luxury to a living room, or add simple beauty to a kitchen. A stained glass piece can bring rich colors to a room, while a clear, leaded window can lighten up a dark interior. They can give a traditional, Victorian feel, or they can modernize the look with an innovative, fresh design. Just like a painting can enrich a wall, a window with beautiful artwork and colors can add flavor and flare to your home.

Home library hand-painted window.

6. Tells a story

Art tells a story. Stained glass windows have a history in rich story telling. The original use of stained glass was to portray Biblical stories visibly to illiterate congregations. In present day in residential homes, the same stained or clear leaded glass windows serve the same purpose. And in this instance, you get to choose the story you want to tell. For example, one of our clients wanted his stained glass light box to tell a history of train engines and the railroad.

Stained glass light box with train design

7. Privacy without window treatments

Custom windows can be designed with your privacy in mind. For instance, window treatments like blinds or curtains can darken a room and shut out natural light. Studies show that natural light is really helpful and healthy to fight against depression and mood swings. So how can window assist with this? Stained glass windows can provide the happy medium between natural light and privacy for a kitchen or bathroom. Other types of glass like glazed or beveled glass can also provide privacy without shutting out the sun completely.

Stained glass bath window design

8. Can carry deep revelation and significance

Windows, like any type of art, can carry a deep meaning with them for the homeowner. Like previously mentioned, a window can be a memorial for a loved one, or be a symbol of protection, or an example of hope. Our windows appear in prayer rooms, chapels, and religious institutions across the state of Texas. And windows that carry deep significance can also find a place in your home. Window designs can be as simple as a favorite flower or be as significant as a memory of a family member.

Windows are very important to us here at Stanton Glass Studio, LLC. Check out our Residential Portfolio page, and contact us for more information.

Hand-painted child prayer window
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